Project Description


This is the begining stage of an experimental Mini Forest being created by Gordon Eastham at York University in conjunction with JLIF members

Our aim is to plant a forest without the use of plastic tree guards, which will sequester more carbon than todays traditional plastic tube plantations.
Research indicates that with a tree diversity of 30 species at a density rate of 3 trees per squ metre, a mini forest could grow 3 times faster, 30 times denser, be100 times more bio-diverse and sequester 40 times more carbon than single species planting.

Experienced Jlif members. Miki, Lewis and Field will be helping a University Grounds Contractor, Matt, to erect a rabbit proof fence around the whole of the plowed up area in March 2021.
The plowed up area has been broadcast seeded with acorns , a technique which was used by Sam’s Smith’s Brewery at Tadcaster about 20 years ago. Matt’s Father was one of the contractors at the time who planted several rectangular Oak forests in this manner which can be seen on both sides of the A64 dual carriageway when approaching Tadcaster from York. The University site will have 29 other tree verities added once the Oaks have emerged from their earthly womb.
It is hoped that this Mini Forest, the first in York as far as we know, will be the inspiration for several more such forests around York and in greater Yorkshire.