Project Description


The only thing better than planting a tree is planting lots of trees!

We planted 250 trees in Summerbridge (North Yorkshire) on land owned by
Make it Wild. The trees included oak, holly, hawthorn, birch, alder,
willow, rowan, hawthorn, blackthorn, wild roses and hazel and will make
a beautiful wood and habitat as they grow. Make it Wild have planted
many thousands of trees on their land over the past few years, so this
extra patch of woodland will add to a much larger forest that will be a
lifeline for native wildlife.  Our volunteers kept their spirits up as
we planted on a cold windy February day; we’ve never been gladder of a
thermos of coffee! But we were delighted to join forces with Make it
Wild in some of the excellent work that they do, and would encourage our
supporters to find out more about them at