Project Description


Ongoing 4 year project we are carrying out in conjunction with York University and the tree planting group Treemendous.

The aim of the project is five fold.  To collect and reuse all tree protection materials (plastic and wood) that can be reused. To collect and responsibly dispose of the many hundreds of plastic guards that cannot be reused.  To upgrade the natural habitats that exist up on Kimberlow Hill by creating more habitable opportunities for the various forms of wildlife that live up there. To plant up areas with new saplings that have been designated for such by the University Estate manager Gordon Eastham.  To educate as much as possible, ourselves, our volunteers and the general public into understanding what a precious resource and rich and diverse environment we have here up on Kimberlow Hill.  The whole of Kimberlow Hill is for Public access and enjoyment, and we welcome any persons who might like to participate in a truly rich and rewarding experience to get in touch with us and discover the delights of a hidden gem of York whilst contributing to a brighter future for us all.